Eco Family Set Bistro 16 Pieces
Crockery made of 100 % herbal material, 100 % bio-degradeable, 0 % additional chemicals. Dishwasher and microwave safe.The organic crockery is made of PLA material, a material which is manufactured without any chemicals or ecologically harmful substances. The PLA material consists of 100 % plant fibre of corn, wheat, sugar beet and other crops which are cultivated for the industry. No use of oil, PET or polymer. Low CO2 emissions (75 % less) compared to other melamine or PET materials and fully degradable by nature without leaving any harmful remains.PLA conforms all European regulations and withstands extreme temperatures (-20 °C / 120 °C).

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Easy Ascension!

Bike Carriers and Rear Ladders
incl. Accessories for Vans
Bike Carrier
  • Suitable for 2 bikes
  • Anodised aluminium pipe
Rear Ladder
  • Anodised surface ensures a long service-life
  • Slip-proof rungs
Only in April
at a discount!